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Purple Motherboard Pendulum Clock Comes From the Heart of Your Computer

 |  |  |  |  |  June 12, 2011

So what do you do when your CPU’s fried and you can’t extract any more useful information out of it? Don’t throw it out! Instead, gulp down some creative juices and turn it into a clock, because that’s exactly what the folks behind TECOART did.

This is probably as limited-edition and crazily quirky as clocks can get. If you’re a true-purple true-blue geek at heart, then you’d probably want to have this Purple Motherboard Pendulum Clock hanging on your wall. Simply because it’s such a beaut.

The purple base contrasts magnificently with the colored metallic components of the motherboard. Plus, who wouldn’t appreciate having a CD (or DVD) pendulum swaying back and forth below to mark the passing of each second?

These clocks are pretty limited, and when I say limited, I mean really limited. Last I checked, there was only one of these purple babies available on TECOART’s shop on Etsy. It’s listed at $65, so if you think that’s reasonable enough for this quirky work of art, I suggest you head on over to purchase it right now before its gone.

[via Gadgets Matrix]