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Emotigraph Has Its Many Moods

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 14, 2011

Do you have mood swings? Then you owe it to the next person about to cross the threshold into your cubicle to make sure they know if you’re happy, sad, or going to chew their head off for taking to you. Here’s a fun invention which you can use to give people the heads up on your state of mind.


Emotigraph is a laser-cut wooden plaything with a mechanism which lets you change its face between a variety of moods. Simply turn the disc underneath Emotigraph, and it’ll go from elated, to depressed, to non-plussed in seconds (just like you.)


The exact expressions on the included disc are “happy,” “angry,” ” sad,” and “surprised.” However, additional discs can be purchased for moods like “bashful,” “sorry,” “whisper,” and “maybe.” The interchangeable discs are why its called the Emotigraph (“emotion phonograph”, get it?)


Emotigraph was designed by Matthew Garten, who has shown the pieces at MakerFaire, and also has instructions for making your own over on Instructables. But the easiest way to get an Emotigraph is to head over to Etsy, where you can grab one for just $29.50(USD). You’ll still need to tackle what looks like a pretty involved assembly process, but that’s part of the fun anyhow.