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Urwerk UR-1001 Pocket Watch Times the Millennium

 |  |  |  |  August 28, 2011

Thanks to today’s mobile gadgets, I am not a watch wearer, as I have mentioned on several occasions. I do like to check out cool watches though, and if I were going to use a watch, the UR-1001 from Urwerk would be it. Though this isn’t a wristwatch like the 103.8 from the same company, the UR-1001 is a pocket watch and it looks pretty awesome.


The watch has the normal hour, minute, second, day, and month hands. On the rear, it also has a timer for 1000 years and for 100 years. There is also an oil change timer, which is when the watch needs to be serviced (not your car). The complex timepiece has an all mechanical movement.


I like the movement of the hands on the front too. It has three rotating and spinning spires for the month and a counter for the power in the front too. The hour hands spin as well. Pricing information isn’t offered for the UR-1001, but I’m sure this will be an expensive watch.