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Teotronico, the Well Dressed Robot Pianist

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 21, 2011

Some robots build cars in a factory, some rescue people during disasters and some just want to have fun. Teotronico just likes to get dressed up and play some piano for his human audience. This 19-fingered, and somewhat goofy looking robot not only plays the piano, but can also accompany himself on the drums and sing. At the same time.

Teotronico was created by Italian roboticist Matteo Suzzi. The bot took 4 whole years to build at a cost of £3000 (~$4735 USD). You’ll notice that as he plays, his fingers light up in a nice shade of electric blue. And having 19 fingers helps him outplay humans easily, making him fun to watch.

The robot also uses video cameras and sensors in his frame to interact with the audience and “understand” them by analyzing facial expressions and gestures. This differs from real human pianists, who interact with their audience based on how full their tip jar is.

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