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Portal Companion Cube Clock Doesn’t Run On Potato Batteries

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Written by Jack Kieffer | October 31, 2011

The following post is from Technabob guest writer Jack Kieffer of Cool Gizmo Toys, a site written by geeks, for geeks. Thanks, Jack!

As much as we wish it did, the Portal Companion Cube Clock does not get its energy from a GLaDOS potato. Created by Amanda Stuart, a.k.a Minniethemink, this geeky clock is great for any Portal lover’s home. The Companion Cube clock is wall mountable, and comes with a stand if you decide to opt out of the “nailing pixel clocks to your wall” mantra. Additionally, if you decide to opt out of the TSA scanning at an airport, you get a free package of loud “opt out!” screaming and a bonus awkward pat-down from a 55 year old man.


Amanda handmade each of these Companion Cube clocks with Perler beads, and might have even sprinkled a little love on top just for you. (But probably not, since the price of love has really skyrocketed these past few years. *Silent weeping* ) Keep in mind that by “each of these,” I mean one, since there’s only one clock left on her Etsy page. You can buy it for $23 (USD), or you can try to make your own and end up with a mess of melted plastic and a clock with a bunch of hot glue on it. *Discretely shoves a heap of failed attempts into the trash*

Portal has been a huge hit among geeks like me, and fans have created thousands of tributes to the series. If you thought the Companion Cube clock was appealing, you might want to head on over to the Portal Bookends or the Portal Earrings for more Portal fun. Alternately, you could lock yourself in your basement and play the games until your eyes fall out, but I don’t think your eyes would appreciate that set of actions very much. But, if your eyes ever did fall out after an extreme Portal 2 session, don’t worry! The eye massager would make them feel like a pair of newborn ocular balls of jelly.