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If You Think Your 3D Glasses are Bulky, Try The Digital Stereoscope on for Size

 |  |  |  |  |  October 31, 2011

We all know how cumbersome 3D glasses can be, and the holy grail of 3D is glasses-free tech. But that didn’t stop one guy from going completely the opposite direction. This 3D digital viewer not only requires that you look through lenspieces, but that you stoop over a wooden box to watch content.


Will Rockwell’s Digital Stereoscope uses the same optical principals of old 19th century stereoscopes, but uses a pair of bright digital displays in place of photographic placards. The wood and brass box comes preloaded with a library of 100 Victorian era stereoscopic images, and Will says that the image quality will transport you back to that simpler time.


The device only comes with still images, and Will says you can upload your own pictures too. However, I can’t see a reason why you couldn’t figure out a way to play 3D video on it if you wanted to, since the underlying technology should be able to handle it. It’s just a matter of splitting video images into left- and right-eye versions.


If you’re interested in The Digital Stereoscope, this unique device is available over on Etsy for $1200 (USD) – about the same price as a modern 3D HDTV.