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Izac the Android Bartender Serves Up Drinks, Won’t Cut You Off

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 20, 2011

The Android operating system has been an amazing tool for innovation in smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Now it is helping to revolutionize the bartending industry, with this cocktail-mixing robot bartender called iZac.

iZac was created by Nick Johnson, who apparently likes his drinks served again and again – with no small talk. He used a Motorola Xoom and his own custom Android app for the user interface. The robot is just two rotating platforms that each hold beakers of the liquid ingredients. Other features include an aquarium pump, valves, and tubes. A digital weighing scale makes sure that the robot knows the exact amounts and proportions to give out, so drinks should be perfect.

It’s pretty basic in design and appearance. The important thing is that it dispenses alcohol when you select and order a drink using the Xoom’s touchscreen. Then just place a glass on the scale between the platforms. The robot pours and mixes the drink. The ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option will randomly mix 3 ingredients for the brave and adventurous drinker.

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