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SleepPhones: Look Silly, Sleep Well

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 24, 2011

We recently featured a pair of cushioned earphones that you can use while lying in bed. Here’s another alternative for those of you who like to doze off while listening to music, audiobooks, or anything but their partner’s snoring (or voice). Called SleepPhones, they’re fleece headbands with removable earphones inside them. The maker Acoustic Sheep calls them “pajamas for your ears.” I call them headbands for your head.

sleepphones by acoustic sheep

Like most headbands, SleepPhones are made of lightweight and washable material and grip around your noggin’ firmly enough so that they won’t fall off without causing discomfort, even if you lie on your side. You can also use them as sleep masks. Or as a headband. Here’s an unboxing and short review of SleepPhones by BWOne:

You can order a pair of SleepPhones from Amazon or ThinkGeek for $40 (USD). Or you can make your own if you’ve got the requisite skills. I think if you’re up to Level 7 in sewing you can easily transmute a Common Fleece Headband and Inferior Stock Earphones into a SleepPhone. And if your headband is slotted, add a Gem of Sleep in there and you could sell that baby for about 300 gold.

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