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You Fade to Light: Nifty OLED Interactive Mirror You Can’t Afford

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 1, 2011

Philips is always working on new lighting technologies, and is a big proponent of OLED as one of the many new ways we might be lighting our homes and offices in the future. The artists of rAndom International have been showing off a really cool interactive display using Philips’ Lumiblade OLED lighting tech at the Design Miami ’11 art show this week.


First shown off a couple of years ago in Milan, You Fade to Light uses a grid of Lumiblade OLED panels which light up to follow your every move. Stand still, and the panels act as mirrors. As soon as you move, the OLED pixels light up. Wherever you go, so goes the light. The 107.9″(w) x 50.4″(h) interactive display can also be set to an inverse mode, which lights up everywhere that you’re not, and leaves the mirrors where you are. It’s a really cool effect, captured here by the guys at A3Network:

The installation was created by rAndom International, with custom software written by Chris O’Shea. You Fade to Light has been produced in a limited edition of just eight units, and is selling for €140,000 (~$188,000 USD). I suppose that if you’ve got the money – I’m talking serious 1% money, that is – you could hang one of these on your wall. Or you could just watch the video above and enjoy it from afar.

[Thanks for the tip, Buster!]