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Beer-Filled USB Drive Guaranteed to Not Give You a Buzz

 |  |  |  |  |  December 28, 2011

Filling electronic gadgets with liquid just seems like a bad idea. But if you’re a beer connoisseur (and Budweiser happens to be your drink of choice), then you might want to check out this ridiculous flash drive.


This promotional flash drive comes filled with a tiny bit of beer, complete with foamy head. For the low, low price, of $14 to $17 each, you can order up a batch of at least 25 of these lowly 4GB flash drives filled with this foamy yellow substance that I’m not even sure is really beer. Either way, it’s a crappy low capacity flash drive, filled with some yellow fluid you’d never want to drink or accidentally have spill into your computer. Sounds just like the kind of thing I’d never buy.

[via Fancy]