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Braille Electric Plug Tags Help the Visually Impaired Tell Their Toasters from their TVs

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Written by Hazel Chua | January 18, 2012

I get a headache every time I try to figure out which plug belongs to with gadget or appliance on the power strip. We’re already blessed enough that we’ve still got the gift of sight to figure things out (at least with something like those Dotz Cord Identifiers.)

Imagine how much harder it is for those who don’t, or who don’t anymore. But to make things more organized and a whole lot safer, there’s these Braille Electric Plug Tags, designed by Shuwen Chen. These tags would be made from hard fabrics with Braille letters, device icons and abbreviations embossed onto them. Each tag would have Velcro sewn onto the back, making them easy to put on and remove from cords as needed.

Braille Electric Plug Tags

The Braille Electric Plug Tags are yet another winner of the 2011 red dot design concept competition.

[via Yanko Design]