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Plush Chewbacca: Three-Toed Sloth Meets Wookiee

 |  |  |  |  |  January 27, 2012

We’ve seen our share of Star Wars characters in plush form, back pack form and every other form, but this may be the cutest form I’ve seen yet – a plush and furry Chewbacca.

He has nice long arms and legs and looks like he might actually be climbing through some trees with his Wookiee family on Kashyyyk. Now, I’m not saying that Chewie is lazy (I don’t want him pulling my arm out of it’s socket, after all), but this one also looks a lot like a sloth. I guess that’s what makes him so adorable.

Sadly, you can’t buy this one right now. Hopefully, maker Denn Rodriguez will create more of this guy for her Etsy shop. He sure does look soft and cuddly. If all Wookies looked like this, no being in the Star Wars universe would be scared of them.

[via Super Punch]