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Nooka App for iOS: The 99 Cent Nooka Watch

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Written by Range | February 13, 2012

Clock apps for iOS are nothing new, but the unique style of Nooka watches allows their new app to showcase how you can tell time on a number of different Nooka products. The Nooka app displays time in a variety of face designs, including Nooka’s zot, zenh or zirc face modes.


Swiping left and right transitions through the different displays. The app comes with world time, stopwatch, timer, and alarm clock functions, and you can even customize the color of the time display. The accompanying blurb says that the graphical time representation that Nooka uses for its watches “transcends the linguistics and math that make telling time difficult for a child to learn – creating a truly intuitive experience to tell time, set alarms, and visualize world-time/timezones.” While I’m not sure the displays entirely satisfy this lofty statement, the displays are still fun to check out and look really cool.

The Nooka app sells for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store. While you’re over there looking for cool watch apps, be sure to check out the free Ziiiro app,

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[via MoCo Loco]