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Mini Star Wars Arcade Cabinet Really Works

 |  |  |  |  |  April 26, 2012

Did you play the Star Wars arcade game for more hours than you can remember? Me too. It was a fun game. What if you could miniaturize it and park it on your desk? And still play it? Arcade fan Le Chuck has done just that. He built this perfect replica of Atari’s Star Wars Arcade, at 1:6 scale.

You’ll notice that it even has the artwork on the sides. This 12 inch cabinet is an actual working arcade cabinet. It took some aluminum and a pair of potentiometers and a whole lot of love for the full sized game. I wonder if it is actually comfortable to play though. Under the hood you will find a modded Caanoo running MAME4all. It boots straight into the game when turned on.

This labor of love took him over 80 hours to make and it is a masterpiece. You’re all clear kid, let’s blow this thing and go home.