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Flip Bench Offers You a Choice When it Comes to Public Seating Arrangements

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Written by Hazel Chua | August 7, 2012

You know how sometimes, there’s only one space left on the bench, and you really don’t want to find yourself sandwiched between a kid throwing a tantrum and a guy eating a Sloppy Joe sloppily?¬†Unfortunately, your choices are only to take that last seat – or remain standing until one of them leaves. And you know that could take a while.

Cue the Flip Bench by¬†Daniel Pearlman, an outdoor bench that’s the only one of its kind since it comes with flippable seats.

Flip Bench

If you prefer not to be seated with someone on either side, just flip the seat and take your seat on the other side.

Flip Bench

In addition to the plastic, outdoor variant, Pearlmann envisions a stylish indoor, laminated wood and aluminum version for common seating areas as well.


Of course, some people might take offense that you actually flipped the seat on them, but that’s a totally different story.

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