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OMG LED Case for iPhone Turns Notifications into a Disco Party

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Written by Range | August 9, 2012

If you can’t wait for FLASHr to come to fruition, or if clear transparent cases just don’t do it for you, then check out OMG Cases for iPhone, that light up like a Christmas tree whenever you get a new push notification.

omg case iphone led lights notifications

The OMG Cases come in a couple of different designs, but these cases don’t just rely on the LED flash to let you know about a new notification, nope, they light up thanks to LEDs at the bottom of the case and some kind of optical fibers embedded directly into it. The cases actually pulsate brightly whenever there’s activity on your phone.

I’m not sure if there’s an extra battery in the bottom part of this case or if it’s just for the LEDs to suck on your iPhone’s battery through the dock connector. Each case sells for $29.95 (USD) here.

omg case iphone led lights notifications

[via Ubergizmo]