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Creeper Coffee Mug Is Oddly Square and Oddly Satisfying

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Written by Jack Kieffer | October 28, 2012

Creepers always ruin your hard-earned progress in Minecraft, and it’s time to take revenge.  Don’t be a cotton-headed ninnymuggins, get the Creeper Coffee Mug, which has the face of your (least) favorite Minecraft monster printed on its side.  Whether you enjoy jumping up in fear whenever you look at your coffee mug or if you plant to take a sledgehammer to the thing, everyone at work will appreciate your sense of style, and it’s not because of the skinny tie your wearing.  “But everyone said they liked my skinny tie!”  They also said you looked like Jabba The Hutt when you dressed up as the green lantern last Halloween.

minecraft creeper mug

As you can see, the Creeper mug isn’t your typical coffee mug, but it is your typical “captured a Creeper and DRILLED A HOLE THROUGH ITS SKULL TO CREATE A RESERVOIR FOR MY COFFEE.”  While that may be a little harsh at the moment, next time you strike diamond and then get destroyed by a Creeper, revisit your thinking and make another judgement.

You can pick up this wonderfully geeky coffee mug for about $21(USD) in about 3-4 weeks, but you can pre-order it now to ensure your satisfaction in the future.  Not everything involves instant gratification, you know, and patience is a bird-chew.  “Is it?  Is it a bird-chew?”  I believe it is, my friend, I believe it is.  Cleaned it off my windshield yesterday.

If you’re looking for some more Minecraft fun, check out the Periodic Table of Minecraft and the Real Life Minecraft Blocks if you’re cool enough.

[via: That’s Nerdalicious]

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