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Now You Can Play Myst in an Actual Book

 |  |  |  |  |  November 1, 2012

Remember Myst? The graphic adventure game that transported players to the island of Myst by using a special book? Well, how would you like to give the game another go while playing it in an actual book?

MystIf you’re a fan of the classic adventure game, then this must feel like a dream come true. This book was basically hollowed out and filled in an actual hand-assembled desktop computer that runs Windows XP, which is the system used to boot up the actual game.


Mike Ando, the man behind the machine book, explains:

Unlike Cyan’s well-worn copy, this one is almost pristine. The cover has been beautifully restored & the cracked hinge has been repaired. Custom embossing dies were made for the individual MYST letters, then the embossing was filled with 24-carat gold paint.

Mike is selling his real Myst creation for a cool $15,625. Pretty pricey, if you ask me – but he wanted the price to be exactly 1000 in D’ni numerals. If you’re interested, check out his site and hit him up with an email.

[via Obvious Winner]