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Projecteo Instagram Projector: Because Retro Filters Aren’t Hip Enough

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 15, 2012

You’ve shared your Instagram pictures on Twitter and Facebook. You’ve sent them as actual pictures, stickers and magnets. But that’s not enough. You’re a sharing monster that can’t be stopped. Because I love monsters, here’s something to feed your desire, a tiny projector that uses 35mm film to display and embiggen your pictures.

projecteo instagram projector

Before you can use the Projecteo, you have to use an app to pick pictures that will be “melted” in circular shape on a single frame of 35mm Kodak film. Each frame can hold up to 9 pictures. This will be inserted into a wheel, which you then feed into the Projecteo.


The device can then project the images to up to 2.5-feet-wide using its LED light source (in a darkened room, of course.)


MintDigital, the company behind the Projecteo, have yet to say how much one wheel will cost, although each order of the projector comes with one free wheel. That folks, is the razor and blades business model made even better. Thanks to Kickstarter the inventors managed to convince their customers into paying them before they even buy the proverbial razor. Clever folks.

Obviously Instagram will soon be flooded with pictures of the Projecteo. You can reserve a Projecteo by pledging at least $25 (USD) on Kickstarter. You’ll need to up you pledge to $40 if you’d like the version that’s colored just like an old Rollei P35 slide projector – otherwise, your Projecteo will arrive in solid white.

UPDATE 7/2013: Projecteo has now launched, you can find them at for $34.98 with free worldwide shipping.

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