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GE Scientists Unveil High-Tech Sleigh for Santa

 |  |  |  |  |  December 24, 2012

For generations, Santa has been cruising around Christmas Eve in his red sleigh pulled by his flying reindeer. Scientists at GE think it’s time for Santa Claus to update his ride with some new high-tech materials. So scientists have come up with a greener and smarter sleigh to help Santa get around the world tonight delivering gifts.


The concept sleigh would use 3-D printed parts, including a more aerodynamic blade design that improves energy efficiency. It’s also sprayed with nanotech Icephobic coatings to repel ice and water. The sleigh is constructed using Ceramic Matrix Composites in the frame, enabling it to travel into space and return to Earth without burning up on re-entry. Considering this thing is an open top sleigh, Santa will need a spacesuit.

The sleigh is also equipped with an electric traction motor that has MEMS switching technology to take over the powertrain when the reindeer to rest. In addition, it’s connected to the Internet, allowing Santa to navigate efficiently around air traffic and keep an eye on the last minute naughty or nice list updates. Check out more details about Santa’s shiny new ride in the Flash widget below: