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iSpy R/C Tank Lets You See Where You’re Driving

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Written by Shane McGlaun | January 21, 2013

Remote control toys that are controlled by an iPhone or an iPad are nothing new. We’ve written about remote control cars using smartphones as controllers in the past. Anoter remote-controlled toy designed to work with the iPhone or the iPad is controller has turned up called the iSpy Tank.


The coolest part about this remote controlled tank is not that you can control it with your iOS device, but that the remote-controlled tank also has an integrated camera. This lets you see exactly what the tank is seeingĀ on the screen of your mobile device. That means you can control the car without line-of-sight to the vehicle, from a range of up to 20 to 30 meters (~65 to 98 ft.) away.

The remote-controlled toy can also capture still images or record videos. Control is handled using an app that runs on the smartphone and the app can send the video directly to a computer using your Wi-Fi network. The iSpy Tank is available right now for $99(USD) over at iHelicopters.