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Star Trek Wines, Set Phasers to Stinking Drunk

 |  |  June 4, 2013

Many Star Trek fans needed a drink after seeing the latest movie. For many, the modern Star Trek franchise just seems to miss the mark, but wine never lets you down. Here’s a series of $25 a bottle Star Trek branded wines from Vinasa Winery in Sonoma, California. Die-hard Trekkies, drink up and forget the recent movies. As well as the last couple of TV series.


These wines come in three different bottles commemorating three different episodes from the original series: The City on the Edge of Forever (The Hangover on the Edge of Forever), Mirror Mirror (Who is that handsome devil looking back at me? I want to sleep with that guy!,) and The Trouble with Tribbles (Ok, I’m seeing things now. That’s enough booze for me)

All the wine is the same. Just regular red table wine with a Trek label. And that’s all a geek really needs.

[via Geekologie]