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Valve Pipeline Educational Project: By Young Nerds, for Young Nerds. And Hopefully Half-Life 3.

 |  |  |  July 14, 2013

Like other top developers, Valve often gets asked by kids who dream of working in the videogame industry about what they need to do to get in and what the experience is like. The company has responded with Pipeline, a project aimed at high school students that will try to answer those very questions. One curious twist is that Pipeline is also run by high school students who are currently interns at Valve.


While it may seem dismissive of Valve to “merely” assign kids to help educate other kids, I’m sure these interns have been duly screened by the company beforehand. For instance, the Pipeline kids were the ones who made the announcement video below. Besides, these kids should know the best way to reach out to their peers.

Sign up at the Pipeline website to find out when they release more details about it. The bit about Valve testing to see if they can train high school kids to work in the industry is quite interesting. I wonder how the people who currently work in the gaming industry would feel about the possibility of having such competition for work, or even finding themselves working under someone young enough to be their kid. And is paid in virtual hats.

[via The Verge]