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Godzilla: One Ring to Stomp Them All

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 17, 2013

Godzilla is an awesome creature. What’s not to like about a huge-ass monster stomping around Tokyo fighting other monsters, while they lay waste to the city? If Godzilla wore jewelry on his reptilian digits, you know he would wear one of these amazing rings and punch Mothra’s face in with it.


This custom silver Godzilla ring is hand-carved and cast from Sterling silver by Etsy artist UrbanHunting. You can choose sizes 8 through 12 and it will cost you $500(USD). This is a hefty ring obviously, because Godzilla is one hefty Kaiju. This isn’t some skinny ring for Hobbits.

godzilla ring

I would suggest finding some other monster rings and arranging daily fights across your knuckles, if you can find someone who makes them anyway. I guess for now, you’ll just be rocking Godzilla all by himself.

godzilla ring1

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