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Doctor Who 11th Doctor Cupcake: The Regeneration That Could Have Been

 |  |  |  November 25, 2013

Check out this Doctor Who cupcake that looks just like the 11th Doctor. It shows us that that Steven Moffat really missed the boat with the latest regeneration. Why couldn’t he have regenerated into a delicious cupcake? Cupcakes are cool! Right?
doctor who cupcake
Don’t tell me that a show full of cupcake people wouldn’t work. Give cupcake Doctor Who a sonic screwdriver and an edible companion and you have a show. And a TARDIS of course. When it is time to regenerate, he just melts and turns into batter, goes into the oven and turns into a new version. Yes, that is the weird way my mind works.

doctor who cupcake1
This geeky delight comes from Nerdache Cakes, who clearly know their way around sugar, flour, butter and a pastry bag.

[via The Mary Sue]