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Amazing LEGO Rapidash Pokémon: Setting Fire to the Bricks

 |  |  |  |  December 19, 2013

What could be more amazing than a Pokémon whose tail and mane are made of fire? I’m talking about Rapidash of course. Well, since this fiery horse doesn’t really exist, this LEGO version is the best thing ever. It may not be able to run so fast that flames burst from its back and legs, but you can practically see it happening in the image here.


This amazing LEGO Pokémon was made by Mike Nieves aka Retinence. The look is just amazing. I would love to see a stop-motion LEGO pokemon movie with Mike’s creations.

Awesome job, sir. You are a true Pokémon and LEGO master. Ash is just a wuss.

[via Brothers Brick]