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Your Toothbrush Now Connects to Your Smartphone

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 9, 2014

The French, apparently having nothing better to do with their time, are now helping dentists get even richer. That’s because a French company has developed a toothbrush called the Kolibree┬áthat connects to your smartphone. It will cost somewhere between $100 to $200, and like other toothbrushes, it won’t stop you from going to the dentist regularly. But it will make you feel cool that you have a connected toothbrush.

The idea is that the toothbrush will be able to teach you to brush the proper way and also make sure you’re brushing long enough. The toothbrush will also be able to talk to other apps on your phone, so I’m sure you will see some brushing games that kids will enjoy too.

The better kids brush, the longer they will keep their teeth. We can only hope that this thing won’t start posting how long we brushed our teeth on our Facebook walls.

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