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Pac-Man Fish Tank: Drivin’ Fish Crazy

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Written by Conner Flynn | March 24, 2014

Wanna give your fish a good time and give them a break from their boring lives? Replace their ordinary tank with this Pac-Man maze tank. This aquarium will keep their minds occupied. It may even give them Pac-Man fever and drive them crazy.
This fish tank was built by Instructables member antoniraj. It was created with 5 mm sheets of glass for the outside and 2 mm sheets for the maze, then it was all sealed together with Araldite epoxy glue. Dots and power pellets are optional.

If you decide to build one, you’ll just need a yellow fish for Pac-Man and the appropriately colored fish-ghosts. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how long your fish will last in this tank, but it is a fun project.

[via Neatorama]