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3D Fruit Printer: Tree 2.0

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 28, 2014

We’ve seen 3D printers make chocolate, pizza, pasta and more. Here’s one that prints fruits. Or rather, “fruits.” Developed by English company Dovetailed, the printer uses drops of fruit juice to form food using a culinary process called spherification. In other words, it makes jelly juice.


According to Dovetailed’s Dr. Gabriel Villar,“… you can not only re-create existing fruits, but also invent your own creations. The taste, texture, size and shape of the fruit can all be customised.” The video below shows the printer making a “raspberry.”

Aside from extensive customization, food-printing technology will also make it possible to copy recipes perfectly even if you’re not an experienced chef. Also this printed fruit doesn’t look as gross as the other 3D-printed food we’ve seen. That said, I still prefer actual fruit. It comes in its own packaging, has an easy to understand shelf life indicator and can be used to make more fruit. Now that is high tech.

[Dovetailed via Gajitz]