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R2-D2 Serving Table: Droid Butler at Your Service

 |  |  |  |  |  June 23, 2014

Nobody serves booze up at a party like a droid. That’s why Jabba had so many of them. The man knows how to party. Now you can get your very own life size fiberglass R2-D2 statue, with light up eye from Etsy seller Starbays.

droid server
You can get it as R2-D2 or any other droid color scheme with whatever dome style you want. It also comes in two- or three- leg variations. R2 sells for $1,495.99(USD). Want a pair of droids? The seller also offers C-3PO for the same price.

droid server1
You really haven’t made it in life until you are either being served by droids or kicking them out of your establishment.