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Make an Awesome Groot Costume for Just $62

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 8, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy was an awesome movie and a huge summer hit. The movie and its characters really resonated with cosplayers – especially when it comes to Groot. Now you can make an awesome Groot costume for about what it costs a family of four to go see a movie.

groot cosplay
Reddit user Tylernator made a Groot costume for himself and since he has a tight budget, he did it on the cheap. Look at the pictures. Who knew that $62 could make such a great looking costume? That is just amazing for that amount of money. You can click the link above to see the whole process.

  • Here’s the rundown of everything and what it cost:
  • Glue:$10
  • Wire:$6
  • Bags, bars and twigs: No cost
  • Hot Glue:$10
  • Repurposed hoodie from Goodwill:$3
  • Preserved Moss:$3
  • Paints: Roughly $30

Great job Tylernator. You are a cosplay genius.

[via The Nerdist via Fashionably Geek]