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Working iPhone 6s Boiled in Melted Crayons

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 15, 2016

Taras Maksimuk wanted to see what would happen if he boiled a working iPhone 6s in melted blue crayons. Naturally. I mean, who hasn’t wondered what would happen if you boiled an iPhone in a bunch of crayons? Uh.

So what happens when you drop your phone into a waxy blue volcano? Well, first, the color of the wax is pretty cool. It looks really good on the phone – like a vintage car color. It’s very calming. Enjoy the zen that is this tranquil video. At least until the phone basically blows up, sending wax everywhere and catching on fire.

Thank you Taras, for risking your own life so that we can watch this kind of crazy stuff from the safety of our own devices.