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Ideal Conceal Pistol Looks Like a Smartphone When Stowed

 |  |  |  March 21, 2016

Sure, there are plenty of small pistols that are perfect for concealed carry. They have to be concealed so that people don’t get freaked out about people carrying guns in the open. The latest innovation in concealable pistols is the Ideal Conceal, a folding pistol that collapses to make it look like a regular smartphone.

This collapsible gun looks like a smartphone with an all-metal case when bundled up. So you can have it in your back pocket, carry it in your hand, whatever. No one will know that it is a gun – at least until you go through a metal detector.

The Ideal Conceal is a double-barreled .38-caliber derringer. The button that transforms it into pistol form also serves as its safety. It has a hammerless firing system for ease of use, which is hilarious, because look at that design. Even though it is meant for short range, can you really see yourself able to hit anything at all with this gun? That grip is horrible. This may be the most awkward derringer ever made.

The Ideal Conceal Pistol will cost you $395(USD). You can hurt yourself with it starting in mid-2016.

[via CoolThings]