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This Backpack Is Also a Chair

 |  |  |  |  |  June 17, 2016

So you’re out hiking and your legs are tired from all the exercise. You could go look for the nearest rock to sit on, or you could sit on your backpack. Thanks to Brando, the latter can now be done without worrying about crushing all the stuff in your bag.


This special backpack has a fold-out stool built into it. Simply set it on the ground, pop open the seat, and you’ll have an impromptu piece of furniture anywhere. The part that usually cushions your back cleverly transforms to cushion your backside. The chair is supposed to hold up to 100kg (~220lb), so it’s apparently quite sturdy.


While the styling of the bag with that big “I AM PLAY_KING” logo on the back isn’t my favorite, the utility and convenience of this thing can’t be denied.


You can find the foldable chair backpack for just $75 from Brando. It’s available in either blue or black.