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BMW’s Future Motorcycle: No Helmet Required

 |  |  |  October 12, 2016

BMW recently showed off a bunch of concept vehicles to for its 100th birthday, but this one is the coolest. The Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle is so smart you wouldn’t need a helmet, or even a padded suit. That’s because you shouldn’t fall off at all thanks to a self-balancing system that keeps the bike upright whether it is moving or not.


The concept bike envisions a flexible frame and tires which adapt to the terrain, rather than a traditional suspension system. Since the bike’s dynamics are fully adjustable, it could provide greater assistance to beginners, and greater dynamics for pro riders.


You might have also noticed that there’s no instrument panel. That’s because you don’t need one here. Most of the information would be displayed through a smart visor that shows data as it becomes relevant. BMW also says that this is a “zero-emission” bike.

It is a cool concept, but we won’t see it tearing down the road anytime soon. Even with its self-balancing ability, this bike would not protect you from collisions, therefore despite the design, some kind of helmet would still be needed. It’s still a great design.

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