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Eclipse Telescope Lets You Stare at the Sun and Keep Your Eyes

 |  |  June 16, 2017

You may or may not know that on Monday, August 21, 2017 there will be a solar eclipse. The coolest thing about this eclipse is that it will be viewable for some people in the US. You do have to be in a narrow corridor to see the total eclipse but others can see at least a partial eclipse. The catch is that to look directly at the eclipse, you must wear special glasses, and if you want to get really close up, you need a special telescope. That is, assuming you want to keep your vision.

The Celestron Backpack Eclipse Telescope will get you up close and personal with the sun or with the eclipse later this summer without blowing out your eyeballs.

The telescope is able to filter out infrared and ultraviolet light and 99.999% of visible light, making it much safer to stare at the Sun. It has a 50mm aperture and a focal length of 360mm at f/7.2, and can provide magnification from 7.14x to 118x. It also comes with a tripod lets it stand up nice and high, as well as a backpack style bag for carrying.

The complete eclipse telescope kit sells for just $99(USD) at ThinkGeek.