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What Happens When You Microwave an Airbag?

 |  |  |  |  July 19, 2017

Inspired by a classic YouTube video, The Slow Mo Guys decided to deploy a couple of airbags in microwave ovens so that they could capture the destruction at 2,000 frames per second. It is an awesome idea, because who doesn’t love to watch things getting demolished in slow motion?

The results? Well, the first microwave is merely demolished, while second microwave’s door shoots off like a missile. These guys got really lucky, because at one point, they parked the microwave near the house windows and fortunately parts didn’t go flying through when the airbag deployed.

So that is your fun destruction for the day. You’re welcome.

Also, if you were thinking about installing an airbag in your microwave to protect your meals, something tells me that it isn’t going to work.

[via Sploid via Geekologie]