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Rugrats Inflatable Reptar Costume Ready for Halloween Antics

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 10, 2017

Did you love watching Rugrats back in the ’90s? The series was one of those great Nickelodeon cartoons that proved that animation wasn’t just for kids, and packed the show with humor that adults could enjoy too.

One of the recurring characters that turned up occasionally on the show was Reptar – a city-stomping dinosaur who not only was the brand mascot for a breakfast cereal that turned milk green, he had his own candy bars, and starred in a musical on ice. If you love Reptar as much as I do, then you’ll want to pick up this awesome inflatable Reptar costume.

I suggest wearing this for Halloween, and getting some of your pals to dress up as as the Rugrats themselves. There’s a good Chuckie costume available over on Amazon for less than 30 bucks. I think I’d toss some toy cars on the ground that I could smash too.

You can grab the Reptar inflatable costume over at ThinkGeek for $79.99(USD).