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Hang Up Light: No More Getting Dressed in the Dark

 |  |  |  |  November 9, 2017

It’s something I experience here almost every morning. I wake up about an hour earlier than my wife, and it’s still pitch black in the bedroom when I’m getting dressed. I could turn the lights on, but then I’d end up waking her up, and that wouldn’t go over well. So instead, I do everything from crack my closet door open just a tiny bit with the light on, to turning on the light on my iPhone to see what I’m doing. Even then, I occasionally end up grabbing the wrong pair of socks. With this clever invention, I might just be able to see what I’m doing without lighting up the whole room.

The Hang Up Light is a clothes hanger with built-in LED illumination. It’s produces a soft white glow of light, just enough to see your clothes, but not bright enough to spill into the room. Its hanger-shaped design means you can keep it at the ready in your closet or on a door knob, and of course can be used for hanging clothes.

So if you’re ready to stop getting dressed in the dark, head over to Firebox today, where you can grab the Hang Up light for about $30.