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The Oregon Trail Gets a Dedicated Handheld Edition


Written by Paul Strauss | April 7, 2018

Hey, kids! Now you can die of dysentery any time and any place! Thanks to Basic Fun, we now have a handheld version of Brøderbund’s classic 1980s survival simulation game, The Oregon Trail. The handheld version features a case and buttons inspired by the beige cases of 1980s computers, and offers up a complete version of the game you can play anywhere you’d like.

According to the video review by Lazy Game Reviews below, Basic Fun seems to have installed a custom version of the game with unique graphics optimized for the tiny screen, so if you were looking for an emulated version of the Apple II original, you’ll be disappointed. That said, it looks like the game plays very well, sounds and looks good, and with just a couple of minor exceptions, the minimal keyboard control scheme works well.

So next time you take a road trip from Missouri to Oregon, you can follow along and play en route. The Oregon Trail Handheld Game is available now over on Amazon, or you can grab it for $5 less from Target.

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