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I Need This LEGO Breakfast Machine

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 7, 2018

Who feels like making breakfast when you’re still half asleep? Not me. That’s why I have to build a breakfast-making robot like this one. This breakfast-making machine is amazing.¬†It will make you bacon and eggs using two custom-built LEGO robots.

One is a huge scaffold that delivers bacon and eggs to your frying pan and even cracks the eggs open. The other is a vehicle that can move things around and flip and serve the food with a spatula. YouTuber The Brick Wall built this for his father, who usually makes breakfast every weekend. It took him a week to get the egg cracking unit working perfectly. That was probably the trickiest part of this whole build. You know what they say if you want to build a LEGO robot you have to break a few eggs.

This just proves that LEGO is the future of home robotics. We can make any robot we want to serve us, clean our homes, shovel our walkways, and more. We might as well use LEGO since we don’t have the robotic servants that we were promised.

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