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This Helmet Makes Your Eyes Glow Like Thor’s

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 23, 2018

Youtuber KyleofAsgard recently built himself a replica of Thor’s helmet. So what makes this one so special? This unique design makes your eyes glow and look like the CGI effect from the movies. Only I’m sure it costs a lot less than paying a team of VFX artists.

The helmet works its magic with a built-in ultraviolet light source, along with UV-reactive contact lenses. I’m sure it’s a great idea to shoot UV light into your eyes. What could possibly happen? I mean we just wear sunglasses for fashion right, not for UV protection. I’m sure it’s fine. Until one day this guy is stuck with Thor eyes for the rest of his life.

In this video, he shows you how he created the electronics, not the helmet, which is based on a 3D file over on Thingiverse.

This helmet operates wirelessly, and even has a handy remote so that he can turn his glowing eyes on and off. The effect looks completely awesome. If you were on Asgard you would completely mistake this guy for Thor if you looked him in the eyes. Looking him in the muscles, however, you wouldn’t have that problem.

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