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This Tauntaun Head Wall Trophy Will Dress up Any Space

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 27, 2019

So you’ve been freezing to death on the surface of Hoth, and spent the night sleeping inside of the smelly guts of your tauntaun pal to keep warm. Now that you’re done with your near-death experience, you’ve got to do something with that carcass, right? I’m not sure if tauntaun meat tastes good, but you could at least take its head and mount it on your wall to remember your frozen night in the belly of the beast.

The guys at prop shop Imagemotor make this epic life-size replica of a tauntaun’s head, ready to mount over your mantle piece. The furry guy measures in at a whopping 34″ tall by 19″ wide by 19″ deep, but weighs just 30 pounds. It’s made from cast high density foam, wrapped in faux fur, cast resin horns, and comes topped off with fake snow. While that might not be what a real tauntaun is made from, this one definitely won’t stink up the place.

All of this tauntaun goodness doesn’t come cheap, though. You’re looking at $1999.95 if you want to hang one on your wall. That may be expensive, but it’s way less expensive than a flight to Hoth – at least the last time I checked Travelocity.