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Pac-Man Procrastination Power Maze Safe: Gobble Dots to Withdraw Cash

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 8, 2019

Do you need a place to keep your money safe? Perhaps you’d like a safe that is also a game? Well, check this out. The Pac-Man: Procrastination Power Maze Safe is a miniature bank that is also a Pac-Man game.

Let Pac-Man keep your coins safe and sound while you do some retro gaming. No quarters needed. This is even more old school than an arcade cabinet. You just move the box around, moving the ball bearing through the maze. That yellow sphere is Pac-Man. When you move him through the maze to the designated spot, you can open it up and get your money. Then, of course, you can spend that money on more cool Pac-Man merch. This is a great way to save your money.

I love seeing the maze as a cube – that could have been a cool sequel, where you enter a different side of the cube when you leave the sides of the maze. This bank makes a great gift for retro gamers, and is an officially licensed Pac-Man product. Aside from helping you save your money, it is also a great bit of geek decor. It may not play the Pac-Man theme, but it looks awesome.

Collect your money, play the game and spend your cash. The circle is complete.