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Pixels + Taxidermy = Pixidermy

 |  |  |  |  |  January 27, 2020

The idea of having a real taxidermy animal head on my wall creeps me out. I think it would just stare at me all day long, thinking I was the one who had it stuffed and mounted. I think these pixelated taxidermy heads are a much better idea.

Artist Ketaro Yamada of Chicago’s Pixidermy makes these awesome pieces of sculpture, which he creates by gluing together birch wood cubes. The resulting voxel art trophy heads look like animals who spent some time living in Minecraft. What’s really cool about these is that Ketaro creates all of these designs by hand, and doesn’t use computer software to design the images.

He’s made a variety of these, including blocky versions of deer, ram, ibexes, longhorns, rhinos, and more. The cost and size of the sculptures varies depending on the size of wood cubes and the complexity of the finished Pixidermy head. Some of his smaller pieces start at as little as $129, while his biggest and most complex pieces can hit $2499.

Drop by the Pixidermy Etsy shop to check out the entire wooden menagerie.