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Flat-pack Star Trek Starship Kits Let You DIY Starfleet

 |  |  |  |  |  February 6, 2020

If you’re a Star Trek fan, here’s something a little different for your collection. These kits from OzpinsFactory let you assemble your own starships from sheets of laser-cut birch plywood.

These models are really nifty, and come in a variety of designs based on ships from the Trek universe. They’ve got models of various classes of Federation ships, including NX, Constitution, Sovereign, Miranda, Ambassador, Intrepid, Excelsior, and Galaxy class, so you can pretty much have your own Starship Enterprise from your favorite era.

Fans of Deep Space Nine need not worry either, since they have a kit for the eponymous starbase too.

Kits vary in size, but generally measure about 16″ to 20″ long (DS9 is just 11.5″ across though), and require assembly of 100 to 200 pieces. You’ll need an emery board, sandpaper, an X-Acto knife and wood glue to put them together.

Prices start around $50 for each model. Grab one starship, or build your own complete Starfleet over on Etsy now.