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The Life-Size Uncle Fester With Lightbulb In Mouth Lamp of Your Dreams

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | October 21, 2020

This is the life-size Uncle Fester Lamp created by Etsy seller ShrewdApe, based on Jackie Coogan’s Uncle Fester character from the 1964-1966 television series The Addams Family. Obviously, I very much need this staring at me from the dresser while I get ready for bed every night.

Using photo references, ShrewdApe first sculpted Uncle Fester’s likeness from clay, then made a plaster mold of that sculpture to cast the silicone skin you see here, which was placed over a foam core. He then painted the head and added eyelashes and custom made resin/epoxy eyeballs to finish the incredibly lifelike look. Although do you think it might be TOO good looking? I’m just really not trying to wake up in the middle of the night to discover my wife has run off with the lamp.

The only kicker? The piece costs $3500. Which, the last time I checked my wallet full of dust bunnies, is a little bit outside my lamp budget at the moment. As much as I really do want it, if my chances of ever owning this lamp were a carnival game, that carnival would have left town a week ago and already be erecting its tents in another state.

[via This Is Why I’m Broke]