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Hyperbells Turn Your Existing Dumbbells ‘Into a Full Home Gym’

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | May 31, 2021

Because less is more, Hyperbell is a modular clamp system designed for turning existing dumbbells into barbells and kettlebells. It is NOT for turning existing dumbbells into doorbells – that would take something else entirely. Something I’m already hard at work developing.

Currently an extremely well-funded Kickstarter campaign (over $425,000+ pledged of their $20,000 goal), $159 will get you both a Hyperbell Kettlebell and Hyperbell Bar, which can quickly convert any single dumbbell into a kettlebell, and any two dumbbells into a barbell/curl bar. I can already close my eyes and see my Hyperbell system in the corner of my basement collecting dust with the rest of my unused exercise equipment.

Obviously, the concept is to replace (or have no need to buy) all the individual different weighted kettlebells and barbell plates a person may need for their workouts, and instead only require a set of dumbbells (the system also works with adjustable weight dumbbells, e.g. BowFlex’s SelectTech). A pretty clever idea, both for space-saving and money-saving purposes. I thought about buying one, but my wife told me that the only workout I’ll likely ever get from the purchase is removing the Hyperbells from the packaging. She knows me so well.

[via Geeky-Gadgets]