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The Stuffed Pancake Maker: Breakfast Just Got a Whole Lot Batter

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | December 15, 2021

Breakfast: if it isn’t over the top, I’m not interested. Just ask my mom. I also don’t get green vegetables. But I’ll certainly eat an entire stack of stuffed pancakes made with The Original Stuffed Pancake Maker (affiliate link) from Pancake Wow! It makes delicious stuffed pancakes one at a time, or, in layman’s terms, not nearly fast enough for my appetite.

The process couldn’t be easier: you just pour in some batter, add the filling of your choice on top, close the lid, then pour more batter through the hole in the lid to seal in all that delicious goodness. Is your mouth watering? My mouth is watering.

I just bought one, and, God willing, it’ll arrive before the weekend so I can kick off Saturday morning in decadent style. Of course, I’ll have no choice but to make my first batch of pancakes stuffed with LEGO pieces, so my family realizes I’m not to be trusted cooking breakfast. Then all future stuffed pancakes will be made for me while I just sit at the breakfast bar with a glass of OJ and a napkin tucked into the neck of my pajama top. What can I say? I’m a schemer.

[via The Awesomer]