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Horror Movie Vinyl Figures That Look Knitted: Killer Crafts

 |  |  |  |  |  December 27, 2021

By hite

Created by vinyl figure producer Handmade By Robots, this series of collectible vinyl figures features horror movie villains in the style of knitted dolls. They’re not knitted though, they’re plastic, and I’m not sure I’d want any of them staring at me from a bedroom shelf at night, no matter how cute they are.

Available in Ghost Face, Pennywise, Hannibal Lecter, and Leatherface varieties, the $14 toys sit approximately 5″ tall and are just the thing to add a little horror to your everyday life. Me? My everyday life is already filled with enough horror. Just getting out of bed in the morning is enough to make me scream. Especially if the floor is cold, and the floor is always cold.

My grandma knit me a doll for a birthday when I was a child, and, if I’m being completely honest, it looks even scarier than any of these do, and it was supposed to be a friendly bear. It looks more like a zombie bear now. Time has not been kind to Honey. None of my dogs have been either.